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The application for charter of the Shenandoah Post No.77 was made on September 30, 1919, and the charter granted October 2, 1919. The charter members were F. F. Crabill, Ralph Crabill, C. J. Borum, C. R. Clougherty, G. Harry Hottel, C. L. Fletcher, C. B. Saum, Douglas Crump, D. S. Funk, D. G. Mclnturff, R. B. Davison, O. L. Funk, Lewis Sonner, C. B. Maphis and F. F. Zea. These members selected the name Shenandoah from the famous Shenandoah Valley in which the town of Strasburg is located.


Shenandoah Post 77 is in District 15, which encompasses 7 Posts in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. Shenandoah Post 77 currently has a 340+ members and we are always looking for more. If you are eligible for membership please stop by the post or contact us and we will be more that happy to speak with you regarding our efforts within the local communities!




  1. Do y’all still have Santa come to the legion hall?

    • David,

      Please call the Post for further information on the Children’s Christmas Party.

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